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Following this device we want top amper you , our dearest guest,  now and in the future.  This is why we change our menu accordingly to the seasons and offer you dayly a new menu and different dayly dishes.

A carefully selected series of provisions  according to origine, preparation and freshness is our outmost concern.
If possible we buy our meat, vegetabels, fruit, eggs and dairy products directly from indigenous farmers and for our wines from the local Mozel wine-houses.

For the preparation of our dishes, is after freshness and wholesomness, the safekeeping of our regional eatingculture and tradition our other aim.  This with a sence of responsability, proud and pleasure. Our hous is proud to serve you this in a region of Germany that also on culinary level can offer so much.

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In our restaurant or on warm days on our terrace, you can enjoy cool refreshments like our alcoholfree natural fruitjuices, a freshly taped beer or a good glass of wine.  We offer you excellent wines per glass or bottle not only out of this region.

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